PHP and Yii Competence Call

»Had I known about this last week, that would have saved me a whole day!«
»The answer on the forum solved the problem perfectly, but that was 2 days over the deadline...«

Don't waste your time. Call an expert. Given my deep knowledge about Yii framework and PHP in general I am able to solve a lot of problems in very short time.

Book the "PHP and Yii Competence Call" and save your developers valuable time. Reduce the time spent on trial-and-error, better spend it on getting things done.


  • Fixed monthly price (100 EUR + VAT) (includes 30 minutes of support call or time spent on answering email tickets)
  • Additional time bookable if needed
  • Support language is English or German
  • Support time: Mo-Fr, 9:00-15:00 CET/CEST
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Performance Optimization

Struggling with long loading time and slow/unresponsive interface? The solution to the problem is often easier than you think. I can help you make your site/shop/app faster and make your users happier.

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