Yii Framework Training

Yii Framework Training, beamer and Screen.

Yii is regularily listed among the top 5 PHP frameworks worldwide and is the framework of choice for building fast and secure web applications efficiently.

As with every new tool there are concepts that need to be learned to use it in the right way. Despite having comprehensive documentation resources, if you want to get started quickly it's useful to get your developers up to speed with some in-person training. As a core developer of the Yii Framework, I am able to share detailed insights about the right use of the framework to ensure good code quality and structure right from the project start.

If you want to use Yii Framework for your development, I can help you get your team to start right away by giving Yii training based on your needs.

The training should be on-site to ensure an optimal communication situtation. I can travel within europe if you cover the travel costs.

Course language will be English or German depenent on your choice.

Contact me for more information.